Anonymous: may I reblog that cosplay work?

Hi anon ^^

may I reblog that cosplay work?

It’s too late now anyway, it’s about 600+ notes so I won’t repost it on Tumblr. I’ll just stick with the repost. I don’t see the point of doing my own post now so please, go ahead!

Thanks for asking anon, it’s very kind of you ♥

Anonymous: please could you tell me where did you learn drawing like that because I really need someone to teach me

Hi anon :)

I learned on my own. I’m 37, I started when I was 7-8 so it’s been about 28-29 years. (I’m feeling old….)

Otherwise,I’ve never been to an art school but my aunt was an art teacher (she’s fine, I just said “was” because she’s now retired). ^^

When I went to visit her during the summer as a kid, she would give me intensive art lessons and tons of tips to improve. She was also my art beta for a while but now she’s far too busy taking care of her two dogs and buying them sunglasses and Pokemon plushes (I’m not even kidding….). I went to seek for her help to eventually leave my “manga phase” behind me and moving to a more realistic style. She used to give me what I saw as very boring exercises (learning to draw an apple, decomposing an image, drawing a landscape with one vanishing point, then two, etc… ) but all this was damn useful. Even if I didn’t see her often, she definitely put me on the right tracks.

Also, I had art lessons at in Junior High but you know, it was nothing sophisticated, just 2 hours a week with teachers who didn’t care.

I really need someone to teach me

I can answer to art related questions (that I gather at my main account under the tag #arttechnique) but otherwise, I’m sorry, I don’t give lessons :/

Thanks a lot for your message! ^^